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Computer Repair

Home Computer Repair

We offer on site and remote home computer repair services in Wichita and the surrounding area. One of our Comptia Certified computer repair technicians will meet you at your home and diagnose your computer issues. Our technician will provide you with a verbal quote detailing our computer repair rates and the steps necessary to complete a total system repair, upgrade or update. Most of our computer repairs can be performed onsite, or remotely. For computer repairs requiring hard drives, data recovery or Windows reinstallations, our computer technician will bring the PC back to our office where the computer repairs will be performed in our state of the art repair facility. We stock a wide variety of computer parts and accessories that have proven the test of time, so you can rest assured knowing we will use quality computer parts for your repair.

Business Computer Repair

We offer on site business computer repair services for small and medium sized businesses in Wichita and the surrounding area. One of our Comptia certified computer repair technicians will be dispatched either physically or remotely to your business location to evaluate your computer repair situation. Our technician will provide you with a verbal quote detailing our computer repair rates and the steps necessary to get you back up and running. Most computer repairs can be handled on the first visit, either onsite, or remotely. Our technicians carry a wide range of parts with them. We realize that having your computers up and running is a critical requirement to conduct business. Our average repair time for businesses is less than two hours for computer, network, and software issues. For hardware issues, we offer expedited service to get your computers back up and running.

We provide service for the following computer related problems

Hardware Failures, Software Errors, Virus or Spyware Infections, Operating System Errors, Wireless or Wired Network Problems, Internet Connectivity Errors, Remote Access, VPN Solutions, or any other Computer Hardware or Software Failures.

Whichita PC Tune-Up Services

  • System Evaluation
  • We will determine if your system would benefit from an increase in system memory or if it needs more hard drive space to help speed things up. Or maybe you need a new processor or Motherboard or a faster CD/DVD.

  • Increse Startup speed
  • Our technicians will remove any unnecessary applications from your start up sequence, thereby boosting performance.

  • Removal of Unused Applications
  • By removing unused software applications more resources are freed up resulting in increased system performance.

  • Scan for and Remove any Viruses or Spyware
  • Removal of any Viruses or Spyware will greatly improve system speed.

  • Scan Registery for Unyused Keys
  • Removing unused registry keys reduces the size of the registry which results in a dramatic system performance increase.

  • Defragment System Drive
  • Defragmenting the system hard drive increases the speed at which the Operating System accesses data on the hard drive which in turn increases overall system speed.

  • BIOS & Operating System Setting
  • In addition our technicians will optimize your BIOS setting and Operating System configurations and settings for optimal speed.

We will have your system running as fast, if not faster,then it did on the day that you got it.

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