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We have a tried and true method of systematically creating highly effective websites for our clients by assigning a dedicated professional for each area in the process : account management, web design, web development and search engine optimization which we have outlined for you (and probably more than a few of our envious competitors). A wise business man once said, “You can have it fast; You can have it great or You can have it cheap. Now let me know which two of the three choices will serve your needs the best?”

1. Business and design brief, we ask you questions and make suggestions about:

2. The wireframe.
Once the design brief has been created, the designer gets to work on a wireframe to show you the planned layout of your site and the colour palette. You can make as many revisions to this as you like.

3. The creation of a captivating home page.
The aim is to make a real impact on your audience when they first see the home page design, as this is the first thing your new visitors will probably see when they land on your site. The design will just be a flat image but it will show you exactly what your page will look like and set the tone of your visitor’s experience. You can make as many revisions to this as you like to the home page design.

4. Design for all site pages and the content.
We will now create a design view of every site page and ask you for the content for each page as it is built. Once this stage has been completed we can hand everything to the developer to actually build your website and make it work!

5. Building your website.
The developer now knows exactly what each page should look like and can build the HTML, PHP and CSS to transform it from a series of page designs into working web pages. All through this process the code is created to the following guidelines, saving you time and expense at a later date:

  • W3C compliant for HTML
  • W3C compliant for CSS
  • Cross browser and back browser tested to work on IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • Accessibility
  • Usability considered and built into the site
  • Minimized code and CSS to improve efficiency and SEO
  • Relevant meta, title, image and header tags used to improve SEO and create a better site
  • SEO considered at all times during the build

6. Hosting and email.
When the site has been created we will then set-up the hosting and create email addresses. Our hosting is secure and reliable.

7. The site goes live.
The site is put live when you give the go-ahead. At this point you will be given the statistics access so you can see how well your site is performing.

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