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Search Engine Optimization

Remember the unspoken fixation on winning the popularity contest that took place in high school? The most popular kids were typically the ones that looked the best and had a presence seemingly everywhere. Winning internet popularity is defined as Web Presence. At Precise Web Designs, we first engineer a great looking site that is precisely designed to maximize your web presence and then secondly we make you popular with all the right search engines, valuable linking partners, directories and industry related blogs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is obviously the buzz of today for any business with an online presence. It is clear that your Search Engine Companies (SEC’s) such as Google, Bing or Yahoo have basically replaced the yellow pages of yesterday. I bet you have used your yellow pages for a child’s booster seat more than you have used it to look up a business in the past couple of years. Let our team assist you with your keyword analysis and get you on top of your competitors in the listing wars that take place every second of the day on all search engines.

SEC’s are spending billions trying to perfect their tools to help you find exactly what you are looking for on the first try. They do this by employing smart coders, complex algorithyms and launching spiders, crawlers and bots to automatically review the content of most websites on the internet on a routine basis.

In the early days of the internet it was simple to get the SECs to display your company by simply having keywords interlaced in your site. Today your website’s coding, meta tags, links, menus, directories, Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns and site maps must be organized in a particular fashion as well as having meaningful content that keeps a person on your site without returning back to the SEC a few seconds later.

Now for the good news… With only a little guidance and time, you can greatly improve your SEC ranking by working with our Optimization Team at Precise Web Designs. Don’t be suckered into spending a ton of money for lackluster results. We can deliver Ferrari performance on a Hyundai budget.

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