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Remote Support

What is Remote Support?

Remote support is the ability to access and repair your computer remotely. Simply put, we can fix virtually any computer problem you may be having, all without driving to your office or your home. With this type of computer repair service, there is no waiting on computer technicians to physically be present to fix your computer problems.

How Does Remote Support Work?

Computer Consultants remote support works by you, the client, initiating the connection to our help desk. Since you are connecting to us, there is nothing for you to configure on your network, or software to install. Once we are connected, we can control your computer just as if we were actually sitting in front of it with you.

Is Remote Support For Me?

Our remote support is for everyone! We use the same type of remote support Fortune 500 companies use to support their employees. Its like having an expert computer technician locked away in your closet, just waiting to help you when needed. We have the same computer servicing capabilities for both residential and business clients. With nothing to configure on your router, getting remote support has never been so easy for all types of clients to benefit from.

Is Remote Support Safe?

Our remote support is completely safe and unobtrusive. Our program does not install anything on your computer, and can only be initiated by you. Once your computer is fixed, and we disconnect, our remote support program removes itself. For your convenience, we will often leave an icon to our remote computer support program on your desktop.

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