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Internet Marketing

If you are anything like us, we tend to cringe when it comes to the area of marketing. We are relentlessly marketed to via TV advertisers, radio, flyers on placed under the wiper while at the mall, yellow pages, facebook, billboards, dorks wearing ridiculous costumes in front of their cruel Internet Marketingboss’s business, yard signs, brochures, vendor marquees, Google, bull horns, girl scouts, fund-raising car-wash kids with poster boards on street corners, YouTube, computer pop-ups (ugh..), spam and so much more.

I think it goes without saying, as consumers, we are exhausted by the millions of marketing efforts by everyone else but as a business, we are starving to attract more customers. Trying to stand out in the multi-billion dollar marketing industry seems virtually impossible and just try to get your money back from the “can’t fail” ad campaign that the cute salesperson promised would end all of your problems if you just spend all of your marketing budget with them.

So what do we do and how do we know that we are going to gain a larger return on our marketing efforts than we spend? After years of wrestling with this question, we discovered that there are, in fact, methods to insure a strong return for a minimal investment when it comes to internet marketing. Consistency is one of the main ingredients in this success formula as well as deploying tested modern tactics to not only get you noticed on the internet but to convert site visitors into happy customers.

By simply placing your SEO Optimized website into free directories and Search Engines, you can greatly increase your number of visitors. Dive into SMO (Social Media Optimization), Site Analytics, PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns, Keywords, Meta Tags, Alt Tags, Heading Tags, Email Campaigns, Newsletters, Linking Partnerships, Site Maps, Robots, Crawlers, Webmaster Tools, etc. and you are on your way to a lucrative site. It has and probably always will be a numbers game, meaning that the more visitors that you have; the more products or services you will sell.

You really have two choices when it comes to profiting from the web:

  • Spend a considerable amount of time and resources learning, planning and executing your internet marketing campaign.
  • Hire a professional (say Computer Consultants llc) to do the work for you and free yourself up to make more money doing what you do best.

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