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Computer Security

spyware & Virus Protection

Our expert techinicians can help you protect your valuable system and personal information by recommending virus and spyware protection programs. If you are already infected, our experts can help you get your system clean and assess the potential that your identity was compromised.


Computer Consultants, LLC can recommend a firewall solution for your home or business to help keep unwanted people from browsing your personal files. Call us today, depending on your needs we offer both software and hardware firewall solutions.

Data Backup

Did you know that 15% of all hard drives will fail? With this in mind its very important to back up your critical files in the event of a system failure, theft, or act of god. Computer Consultants, LLC has a wide range of backup solutions to fit your needs. We even offer an offsite backup solution for those that want total peace of mind.


Our technicians can provide ghosting, or cloning services for your systems as well. This allows you to upgrade your hard drive without losing your important information. Cloning can also provide a quick solution for large system deployments in business networks.

Network Security & Analysis

We can scan your networks for security holes, exploits, open ports on routers and firewalls, rouge services. We will analyize your network from the outside in, checking for any and all potentials security loop holes through firewalls, routers, servers, and desktops.

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