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Assistive Technology

We are a single source provider for Assistive Technology training and employment services of individuals with disabilities. Our expert staff provides custom training solutions to meet clients unique and ever changing demands. We recognize that customer preferences are diverse and so are demands and requirements to satisfy them. While some clients are just looking to expand on their current skills, others are just starting out in their career path. Our goal is to be both a provider of training, technology, and support for individuals with dissabilities who are entering the work force, or climbing the corporate ladder.

Remote Training

At Computer Consultants llc, we have several years of experience in provoding distance training for individuals with visual impairments.  Over the years we have found that providing training in a remote environment provides numerous advantages to our clients.  By providing remote training we are able to teach individuals on the equipment they will be using daily.

Assistive Technology

We are experts in all sorts of assistive technology devices available today.  We are versed in a variety of screen readers, screen magnification software, text-to-audio programs, and a wide range of hardware such as CCTV systems, note taking devices, and other mobile devices.

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