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Offsite Data Backup

At Computer Consultants llc, we take backups seriously. Why you ask? Simply put, computer equipment fails, often without warning to the user. It has been our experience over the years that most people do not back up their computers or perform the backup incorrectly.

How we handle computer backups

We use disk based backup solutions for almost all of our backup solutions. Hard drives have become cheap enough and now store large amounts of information. This allows us to implement a cost effective backup solution that provides local backups with ease. With all of our backup solutions, we monitor the status of the backup. So you can rest assured knowing we will be monitoring you backups and notify you of any issues.

Is offsite backup for you?

Onsite backups are the first step in creating a backup solution. However a local backup still has some serious potential issues. Things such as theft, flooding, or fire will most likely detroy your local backup. For those that want more peace of mind for the critical computer files, Computer Consultants llc offers offsite backup solutions. With our offsite backup, your data is transferred to both of our secure data warehouses. The entire backup process is secured with military grade security from end to end. So there are no worries about your data being safe.

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